Portuguese Soul - Trailer

Portuguese Soul is an 8 episode TV show about sustainability in the portuguese fashion industry. Exploring historical but also new and innovative materials, we go through an adventure discovering the best examples in our country and answering all the important questions we had.

Produced by Brighter Films for APICCAPS and aired on RTP2
With Gisela João as host
Directed by Catarina Medeiros
An original idea by Lígia Gonçalves
Creative direction by Daniel Gorjão
Cinematography by me
1st AC - João Pedro Pinheiro
Gaffer - João Carlos Silva
Sound Director - Luís Silveira
Sound Post Production - Manuel Costeira Mendes
Head of Production - João Santana
Production Assistants - Joana Monteiro, Francisca Lacerda and André Duarte
Editing by Ricardo Sobral
Makeup - Patrícia Marques
Styling - Carol Roquette
Driver - Nélson Rodrigues, Golden Tour
Design - André Gonçalves, Manifesto Works
Making Of Photographer - João Saramago